Doors Plus

When you go to replace the front door, selecting the best front door style is easy.  However, the door design is one of many choices you must make.  So you’ve chosen your favourite front door, and wondering now, ‘Doors plus…?’

10 Reasons to Choose a Fibreglass Composite Front Door

You can think of your front door as the focal point of your home as viewed from the street or on approach from your driveway. If it's tired looking, nondescript or otherwise flawed, it can detract from both the curb appeal and -- by extension -- the...
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Solid Timber Doors that Will Never Move: Elements Vulcan+

As architectural trends change and front doors are more exposed to climatic conditions, there is emphasis on providing doors that are stable and durable.

Finding a Front Door for Your Homestyle

When deciding on an entry door to add the finishing touches to your home’s appearance, you need to make certain its style blends perfectly with that of your actual house.
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How to Hang a Door [Info-graphic]

You've completed your research, made your purchase, and you're on the way home with your beautiful new door.  There is always a sense of pride and accomplishment when you make a well-deserved and well thought-out purchase.  
Reduce home maintenance with a new front door

4 Ways to Slash Your Home Maintenance Costs

It will likely surprise you how easy it may be to save money by reducing the costs of maintenance on some areas of your home. This article steps through a few specific areas we have learned to save on from actual experience.  
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How is a front door constructed?

Each door type is made differently.  And they are built to take best advantage of the benefits those materials provide.  Understand exterior door construction to ensure you have a door that is fit for purpose.   Or maybe you just want to know how to...
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What to Consider When Choosing Your Front Door

 When it comes to choosing your entry door, whether it’s the first time as the home’s being built or replacing an existing door that’s already in place, we have come up with four important considerations that anyone making that decision should weigh...

Why You Should Paint Your Front Door Red

“A red front door for my home?  No way, I’m definitely not that way out and contemporary!”  The truth is, a red entrance door will actually match almost any style or colour of home.  (Keep in mind that we’re talking about the thousands of shades of...
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Do I Paint or Stain my Front Door?

The finish of an entry door can really make or break the entranceway, whether it be a bright paint colour, or a stain.  The quality and character of the finish will change the whole look and feel of the end-result. Read on to understand the...

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