Doors Plus

When you go to replace the front door, selecting the best front door style is easy.  However, the door design is one of many choices you must make.  So you’ve chosen your favourite front door, and wondering now, ‘Doors plus…?’

To make an entrance, you need to consider doors plus entry hardware, plus frames, plus door finishing: stain and painting.

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Doors Plus Entry Locks and Handles

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With your front door being the focal point to the home, often having the greatest influence on curb appeal, you will want to ensure the handle and lock on the door compliment the design and style of your home.  Most designs come in both a modern and heritage traditional style. 

Firstly, think about the function. Will you and your household be using the front door a lot, or will you enter and exit the house in a different way?  Gripsets and lever locks are easy to use, especially if you’re carrying something and only have one hand left (or only a few things if you’re like me when I get home laden with bags and clothing and lunchboxes etc!).

A pull handle and lock kit is more in fashion, but tends to need two hands to open.  Maybe you need more features than what a simple key can provide?  A digital lock can be a good answer to this.  Obviously door security is very important as well. 


Click here to view the Parkwood range of standard hardware covering the three functions and styles.  



Doors Plus Frames

American white ash solid timber front entry door in entranceway (1).jpgWhen it comes to frames, you need to consider how you want the door hung, and what look you want the frame itself to have, which is determined by the material type.  Entry doors can be hung on hinges (standard) or as a pivot.  Pivot gear is often quite bulky so not all pivot types can be fitted into all door styles.  If you choose a pivot, you’ll need to ensure your can have a wider door than standard because the pivoting part takes up at least 100mm of space.

One thing to be aware of with pivot doors is the difficulties in sealing them around the edges.  As they open both in and out, the usual jamb, sill and seals can’t frame the door as they will stop the door pivoting.  Check how your frame supplier plans to over-come this, to avoid and extra draughts around the door. 



Doors Plus Finish

Finally, you want to ensure the finish of the door matches the design and feel you’re wanting to achieve. Timber doors must be stained or oiled with the correct products to carry a warranty.  Alternatively you can paint them.  You can choose from a range of stable timbers, each with their own unique colour and grains.  Click here to view Parkwood’s standard range of timbers suited to entry doors.  

Fibreglass doors can be painted or stained. Click here to download instructions on how to pre-finish your fibreglass doors. 

Aluminium doors are always powder coated in a powder coat colour - view more information on these here. 


Use the Door Selector:  See your front door ideas in an entranceway similar to your own



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