AWA E2NS and Frame

Does Your Front Door Get Drafty in the Winter?

With the colder weather setting in, now is the time to consider if your door has a draft and fix the issue before you have to suffer in winter. Keep reading to discover why doors become drafty and solutions on how the problem can be solved.  
Existing Frame and door

What Can Permanently Damage a Front Door?

Front doors can last a very long time. Some heritage houses have the same solid timber doors that were installed when the house was first built. But the lasting power of a front door is as much a matter of chance as durability. A durable door can...

What to Do if Your Dream House Has an Ugly Front Door

When you're looking to buy a new home finding the right house can be a real challenge. Not only are there dozens of attractive options to choose from, but each one has a unique combination of appearance, function, and luxury. One house might be...
barn door-modern

8 Ways to Include Sliding Barn Doors in Your Home

Most people think of barn doors as belonging on enormous red wooden buildings that store bales of hay and cows. But in the interior design world, a barn door is something completely different. Indoors, a barn door is a large wooden door that you can...
bright orange door entranceway

What to Consider When Renovating Your Entrance-way

The front entrance of your house is an area that you wind up getting pretty familiar with. It's what you see every time you step through your front door. For some people, this is a little patch of tile with enough room for the door to swing. For...
FVAR11 door with windows

8 Things You Should Know About Front Doors with Windows

There are a surprising number of different ways you can design a front door. Smooth or panelled, timber or aluminium, vertical or horizontal grooves. And, of course, the amazing variety of front door windows. There are more types of door window than...
Cedar shutters

6 Key Benefits of Shutters With Important Considerations

Exterior shutters make for an appealing home addition not only because they are aesthetically pleasing, but also because they offer many practical benefits. If you have been considering exterior shutters for your home's windows, you have come to the...
barn door-modern

Top Reasons Why You Should Install a Barn Door

If you are working on remodelling your home, then it is important that you take some time to consider what type of doors you want to use in your home's interior. While doors are something homeowners often overlook during a remodel, your interior...

Personnel Access Egress Doors

A personnel door is normally a hinged door used for people, as opposed to vehicles or machinery, and is found on engine rooms, commercial buildings as fire exits, storage rooms and even in wet areas.  It must be hard-wearing and of a commercial...
Benefits of Cedar Shutters

The Benefits Protective Shutters Can Bring to a Home

Window shutters have seen a growth in popularity in recent years due to their aesthetic appeal as well as due to the variety of functional benefits they can provide. However, if you are considering adding window shutters to a home, then you may be...

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