When it comes to designing your family home, choosing your front door is up there with some of the most important decisions you need to make.
A door frame is a crucial part of your door - there to support the door and ensure it’s safe and secure and works as it should. Your door frame is responsible for keeping your door level, opening and closing smoothly, and locking appropriately, so it’s important it’s up to code.
Your front door is one of the most important components in securing your home, so it’s important that you’ve got all the boxes ticked when it comes to keeping it as secure as possible. Here are some of the most effective ways to ensure the security of your front door and keep your family safe.
Door jambs are a part of the door frame that act as a kind of legs for the door; they’re the inside parts of a door frame that hold the hinges on one side and the latch on the other. The door jam is a crucial component in a working door for a number of reasons including:
In order to determine whether a door should open inwards or outwards, it’s important to consider how it will be used. The door’s placement, purpose and material will all influence whether it swings in or out. Read on for more info on what you need ...
Exterior doors are an important part of your family home - they set the tone and establish the look and feel of the home, as well as providing insulation and security. Exterior doors can come in a variety of different materials, so it’s important to ...
Depending on where you live and the design of the entryway to your home, your door may be at the mercy of the weather. Understanding how much your door is exposed to the elements makes it easier to protect it and keep it looking good as new.
For many homeowners, there’s nothing quite like the appeal of a striking timber door presenting the entrance to their home.
The Foodstuffs North Island Development at Auckland International Airport includes a 75,000m² warehouse about the same size as eight rugby fields and 8,500m² three-story office. As the largest warehouse in New Zealand, it serves as the distribution centre for over 100 New World and Pak ‘N’ Save supermarkets. 
Doors are something that you need pay attention to. These structures provide privacy and security for your home and for each room where they are used. While doors come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, the materials used in most doors only come down to a few types.
Staining a composite front door can instantly create character and wow your guests. If you want to stain a composite door you need to ensure that is has a woodgrain finish to help hold the stain in place.
Timber is a classic front-door choice - it’s simple, timeless and durable and can work within any home design. There are many types of timber to choose from, and they can be treated in a variety of ways - with paints and stains suited to the specific type of door.