What hinges should I use on my aluminium  door?

There are many different types of hinges on the market, this can make it hard to know which one is the best hinge for an aluminium door. Aluminium doors have a lip on the edge unlike the flat sides of timber and composite doors and this can make it...

How to work out the right size sliding barn door for your doorway?

A sliding barn door adds rustic charm, character and style to a home’s interior as well as function.

How to paint a Paint Quality (PQ) timber door

If you’re looking to add a touch of colour or vibrancy to your timber front door, painting it can be a great option. Done correctly, painting your door can not only help it stand out in your street, but it can also help protect it from the...

Mistakes to avoid when choosing your front door

When it comes to designing your family home, choosing your front door is up there with some of the most important decisions you need to make. 

When Should You Replace Your Door Frame?

A door frame is a crucial part of your door - there to support the door and ensure it’s safe and secure and works as it should. Your door frame is responsible for keeping your door level, opening and closing smoothly, and locking appropriately, so...

How to make sure your front door is secure

Your front door is one of the most important components in securing your home, so it’s important that you’ve got all the boxes ticked when it comes to keeping it as secure as possible.  Here are some of the most effective ways to ensure the security...
Timber F9 door and frame

What is a Door Jamb?

Door jambs are a part of the door frame that act as a kind of legs for the door; they’re the inside parts of a door frame that hold the hinges on one side and the latch on the other. The door jam is a crucial component in a working door for a number...
how to stain your front door

How To Stain Your Timber Door

For many homeowners, there’s nothing quite like the appeal of a striking timber door presenting the entrance to their home.  
how to paint your front door

How to Paint Your Front Door

The colour of your front door is a big decision for most homeowners. The colour and type of paint you choose can really set the scene and influence the impression people have when they arrive.
AWA E2NS and Frame timber

How and Why to Protect Your Traditional Timber Door

Every front door tells a story. Every groove and colour, every scuff and scratch. Even the material your door is made out of is part of the tale. In New Zealand the story front doors tell is often one of a proud traditional history. Whether you live...

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